Oak Pool

The 18-peg Oak Pool lies next to Laurel Pool. It is an easily accessible pool and shown on the present map as 'Chestnut A' if you wish to locate it.

Lovely Carp from Oak

Des Shipp Fishing the old Oak Pool

This pool is stocked with our own hard-fighting Common and Mirror Carp and Silver fish too.  Please note that on all our pools, silvers MUST be put into a separate net.

The pool is ideal for small club matches and our open matches are held on this pool too, on a rotation basis with our other pools. We suggest 18 match pegs on this pool.  Exceptional weights have been had from this pool, the top weight standing at 345lb

To book a match on Oak or any of our other pools, please contact the office on 01886 888 517 press 3 between the hours of 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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