Common & Mirror Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

At Cob House Fish Farm, we are fast gaining a reputation for producing some of the best looking English Bred Carp in the country.

We select for body shape, scale pattern and tail size to produce the attractive, hard-fighting stock fish for which we have become so well known. We produce a mix of Mirror and Common Carp and our commons are just as popular as the Mirrors.

We make no exorbitant claims about growth rates of our English Bred Carp. However, many of our Carp reach 8 to 10 inches in their first summer and achieve a weight of 8 to 9 ounces - that is 4 to 5 five times longer and almost 40 times heavier than when they were stocked! Not bad for just under six months of growth.

We always have a number of fish that exceed 10 inches in their first summer and some reach between 1lb and 2lbs plus (record so far: 3 lbs). All these Carp are one summer fish. We occasionally grow fish to order and have seen two-summer fish reach 4½ pounds and three-summer fish over 10 lbs.

Our Carp have tested negative for SVC and KHV - testament to the fact that we use English Carp brood stock.

A note about growth rate and scale patterns. According to genetic studies and our own experience, Common Carp and 'scattered Mirrors' (including fully-scaled mirrors) always grow faster than leather and Linear Carp.

'Fast growing' strains of Leather Carp, which are selectively bred in Europe to grow quickly to table size, often decrease greatly in their rate of growth during their second and third years. These fish are imported into Britain by some suppliers and often sold as British fish.

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